And We’re Back!

And We’re Back!

Hello there, its been a while since I published a blog post, and I have the perfect excuse for that. I was busy getting married, writing my thesis, and changing the concept of my blog. I have to say, it was a busy summer and thank God it ended so peacefully.

So let us start over, shall we?

My name is Nadin, an art enthusiast yet a business woman studying the art of Human resources while concentrating on Corporate Social Responsibility in the fashion industry. I spend my days reading about various topics from ethical fashion to sustainability & Eco-fashion, then switch to Vogue and in order to make my day better 🙂

The concept of this blog:

Career Girl:

Speaking out to young women who want to make it in the business world, through using my knowledge in Human resources. My job here is to express the true meaning of empowerment while shedding the light on the importance of  Ethics and Sustainability for a better tomorrow.


All Chic Everything when it comes to attitude, style, and living. I am no expert in that, but I have the confidence to speak about it, so why not talk Chic from time to time?

I hope you enjoy reading my posts. Have a great weekend!