Dealing with toxic people

Dealing with toxic people

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Toxic people are the ones who come in to your life and leave nothing but drama, hate and negativity. I cannot really describe a toxic person, I left that to the image above, but I can describe the feelings that the might leave you with:

  1. A toxic person will trigger your anger
  2. A toxic person will get you in trouble, mostly play with your emotions which will eventually lead to trouble
  3. A toxic person will make you more negative
  4. A toxic person might make you hate yourself, depending on the intensity of his/her intoxication
  5. A toxic person will always find a way to upset you or mess you up
  6. A toxic person will bring the worse out of you… I’m talking about pure rage and darkness over here!

The thing is that I am not a psychologist, but I know that everything happens for a reason; and the main reason behind bad things happening is probably a sneaky toxic person/or persons. If everybody on this earth was all peaceful and positive, then we would not have wars and battles around here, makes sense?

What I will do regarding this topic is starting my own research on dealing with such toxic people through interviewing all the professionals in my circle. Then, I will come back next week with a list that could be helpful for most of you!

If you have any tips on dealing with toxic people, please share them in the comment section of this post.

Stay tuned! Stay Positive!