Resolving Conflicts at Work

Resolving Conflicts at Work

Resolving Conflicts at Work

No matter how peaceful of a person you are you need to know that everybody is prone to having conflicts at their workplace. Whether it is with some coworker or a manager, one should take several precautions before choosing a “last man standing” fight, here are some of my tips:

Step 1: stay calm and positive: everyone of us could be provoked to getting into a fight. But when having a positive mindset, most fights will end before even starting!

Step 2: Avoid the blame game: blaming others for your own mistake will makes things worse!

Step 3: communicate the problem: try talking about the conflict on the spot, and always show confidence with what you have to say.

Step 4: Search for solutions: remind yourself that what’s done is done, and now the only way to move forward should be through finding the most convenient solution.

Step 5: Agree on Confidentiality then Let it go: Gossiping and speaking around about the problem will only make it worse especially if your coworkers knew what you are talking behind their backs. When solving conflicts, confidentiality is key!

Step 6: Consult an HR officer or a lawyer: in case of an abuse, bullying, or any threatening behavior. Never stay silent when you feel threatened, you have to always know your rights as an employee.

Hope this was useful, please share your questions through the comment section.


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