Tips on handling Bad Bosses

Tips on handling Bad Bosses

Tips on handling Bad Bosses

A Danish study has provided evidence that “people don’t leave jobs, they leave managers .” A bad boss might lead you to feel stress, depression, anxiety, instability and eventually leads you to quitting your job!

Personally, I find a bad boss to be:
1- mean, bossy, and disrespectful
2- They might tend to micromanage you, which would result extra stress.
3- They might have no boundaries: you can find him emailing you at 2AM or during weekends.
4- They never show any kind of appreciation towards your hard work
5- They may know less than you, and therefore you can learn nothing from them
6- they may have no empathy, this will lead to an unmanageable increase in tasks, which might lead to saying goodbye to your lunch break!
7- They might wait until you commit a simple small mistake and hold it as a chance to publicly humiliating you (or privately)
8- They feed on your fear of them (the worst kind)
9- Their main goal is to destroy your ego in order to feel good about themselves.

Before explaining the steps of how to deal with such bosses let me first say that there is a huge difference between a manager and a leader. What has been explained above reflects the characteristics of a lousy leader, who most probably has confidence issues, lacks managerial skills, lacks education or is extremely unprofessional.

Tips on handling Bad Bosses :

1- start by doing your job perfectly, work hard, and let everybody know that you are highly competent.
2- educate yourself with the company’s rules and regulations: if your manager is verbally abusing or bullying you then you should speak up.
3- Do not let your fear bring you down: toxic people might ruin your ego, but you shouldn’t be scared of them, this will make them stronger and worse!
4- stand up for yourself: do not let anyone treat you with disrespect, this is your basic human right!
5- move elsewhere: in case you reached a closed door then you should go ahead and search for another job!
Remember that it is not your fault, for only terrible leaders disrespect and bring their subordinates down!

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Good luck!