Asian food dinner

Asian food dinner

When it comes to Asian food, we are a bunch of hungry monsters who are up to eating the entire house menu! Over the last two years, we have tried a lot of Asian restaurants, but it is fair to say that P.F. Chang’s is the best in this area. Though it is a but more expensive than the rest of the Asian places, but it is true that you will eat what you pay for!

Our favorite dishes come as follows:

first, wine and the Dynamite shrimps (we always order more of those)

Then comes my all time favorite Sweet and Sour chicken, ordered with extra mushrooms and pineapple.

And finally my boyfriend’s Mongolian Beef, he is obsessed with this dish.

My Asian food dinner advice: Even if you did not order the sweet and sour dish, I recommend ordering the sweet and sour sauce on the side, it is so delicious when you pour it over your steamed rice!

It is important to be noted that some of the bellow photos are courtesy of P.F. Chang’s, since I couldn’t take good quality pictures under the dimmed light of my romantic date night :p

Shirt : Zara

Asian food dinner

Wine and shrimps

Asian food dinner

Sweet and sour chicken

Asian food dinner

Dynamite shrimp


Mongolian Beef