Frilly Blouse

Those trends are taking us back to the 1940s, when there were never too many ruffles on a shirt. It is amazing how fashion goes back in time sometimes, leaving the whole world with a nostalgic feeling to the good old days. I keep on telling people how much I wish I was born in the 40s, when the trends were at their classiest peek. Luckily, those trends are being renewed in a more modern way; where the bottoms became mostly denim and the midi skirts were replaced with mini ones.

Though we can see those trends coming and going, yet nobody can get back the characteristics of the women of the 1940s. Calm, classy and elegantly spreading their femininity all over the streets. With their classy dresses and tight skirts, those women were looking so fine!

I was wearing Shirt: Zara, Skirt: Zara, shoes: Steve Madden, Clutch: ASOS

frilly blouse frilly blouse IMG_2247 frilly blouse frilly blouse frilly blouse

frilly blouse