Essie fall colors

Essie fall colors

Essie fall colors :  After Sex

I was searching for a nail color that would be perfect for this time of the year, that is when I stumbled upon the Essie After Sex. It is the shade of burgundy with a hint of glitter, which gives it the vibes of a “Bad ass”

Essie defines it as a “rapturously beautiful, sultry pearlescent burgundy nail lacquer” and they are right.

As I mentioned earlier, burgundy goes perfectly with beige white black and grey; and of course other colors such as light pink and Navy. The fact that makes the After Sex a shade with big versatility, where it is known to be worn every day during the fall and winter seasons.

I like how it looks so settled, especially when applied on short nails. Essie After Sex is highly recommended for this season.

Enjoy the beauty of this shade!


Essie After Sex Essie After Sex Essie After Sex