Summer Tan

Summer Tan

Summer is around the corner, so like every year, everybody is craving that sexy summer tan. But since the sun is not mostly out yet, pretty girls are going for the “easy” Solarium option. with all those beauty shops throwing out hot deals and discount packages, it is becoming very easy for girls to forget about their side effects and go for the fake and fast tan. But the cons are by far more than the pros.

According to Better Health Channel:

“Every time skin is exposed to solarium, the total lifetime dose of UV radiation is increased. Over time, this damage adds up, increasing the risk of:

  • Skin cancer
  • Eye damage – when eyes are exposed to UVA in a solarium, the cornea (the transparent layer in the front of the eye) and conjunctiva may become inflamed, damaging sight and increasing the potential for cataracts and temporary blindness.
  • Skin irritation – up to 50 per cent of the people who use a solarium develop minor skin irritations such as redness, itchiness, dryness and aggravation of existing rashes.
  • Sunburn – short-term effects of using solariums can include burning and blistering.
  • Skin damage – this is impossible to reverse and in the long term, skin will age prematurely and skin cancer may develop.
  • Changes to the immune system – UV radiation from a solarium has been shown to cause changes in the body’s immune system, the effects of which are not yet known.”

So dear girls, your health should be on top, forget about solarium and try to get a natural tan without risking your health and well being. it is also important to make sure not be exposed to direct sunlight between the hours of 12 noon and 3 PM and to use a protection before leaving home every morning.