Cocktail of the week – Anti Stress drink

Cocktail of the week – Anti Stress drink

The Anti Stress Drink is the best way to fight back the negative things in life, I believe that staring at this cocktail is enough to give me a calming feeling. It is basically made of watermelon juice mixed with sugar, ice and gin, which makes its taste so sweet and refreshing. The red color of this drink comes from the watermelon juice, which is full with vitamins and nutrients. So, regardless the existence of sugar and alcohol I tend to believe that the anti Stress drink is actually good for my health. I have my own theories about health and I hope that no nutritionist is reading this right now! *laugh*
This drink is very classy, refreshing and will relief you from the everyday stress at your worst days, that is one reason why they call it “Happy Hour”.

Give it a try and prepare the Anti Stress drink at home!


Anti stress drink

Watermelon is good for stress relief

Anti stress cocktail  Anti stress drink Anti stress drink