Cocktail of the week – Yokatta Martini

Cocktail of the week – Yokatta Martini

It is one of those TGIF days, tired from work and projects I found myself in the streets of London searching for the best bar experience. A typical Friday afternoon would mean crowded pubs and streets, with people standing in front of the bars holding their drinks and chatting with each other.

This scene gave me the excitement to go back and start searching new my cocktail ideas.

And this week I will talk about the Yokatta Martini, which I had at Chottomatte restaurant near Greek street, London. That place was so classy and artistic, with a direct view to the pretty streets of Soho.

The Yokatta Martini is so freshly delicious, it contains fruits with a light hint of alcohol. Yes, supposedly it is a girly cocktail but it is still cool to order a huge pitcher to drink it with the guys.

The ingredients of Yokatta Martini are: rum, plum sake, pineapple, raspberries, ginger bites.



Chottomatte Martini

Pretty drink

Chottomatte cocktail

Pretty and fruity

Yokatta Martini Chottomatte

With the amazing Soho background