Nail color of the week – Spring nails

Nail color of the week – Spring nails

“guess who? surprise! it’s this sheer pink polish with glittery sparkle that never fails to put a smile on your face.” It’s Essie’s Pink-a-boo!

Say hello to spring with some bright and glittery spring nails. Today I am featuring the Pink-a-boo color from Essie which is great for the spring vibes and is very cute! I have used this color several times now; I even had a French manicure with it as a base color. What I like about Pink-a-boo is the barely-there pink shade as well as the glittery twist that gives life to my manicure.

Next, comes the hors d’oeuvres a platinum gold color with shimmering silver glitter; where according to Essie: nothing says extravagance like the hors d’oeuvres nail color.

To be honest, I could not find a better combination of those two, the thing is that I loved the hors d’oeuvres but I knew that I will look overly extravagant if I applied  it on all my nails. So, I  played it the safe way and only applied it on one nail from each hand. Then, I discovered how the shy pink glitters of the pink-a-boo blend perfectly with the extravagance of the hors d’oeuvres.

I would recommend twisting the almost there colors like pink-a-boo with either one of the following colors:

  • a darker shade of pink as a base coat
  • a dash of white lines (French style)
  • a small amount of glitter (like I have done in this post)

Those ideas will definitely give you sparkly and fresh spring nails. However, the most important thing with glitter is to keep simplicity in your mind, and to make sure that you are never overdoing it.

Enjoy this season with those sparkly spring nails!

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