Cocktail of the week – lychee martini

Cocktail of the week – lychee martini

The Lychee Martini

Thank God its Friday! Now, it’s cocktail time. This week’s cocktail is another favorite of mine, especially when I’m in a good mood, my all time best friend the Lychee Martini.

Lychee is a tropical fruits that is very soft, sweet, and has a beautiful scent, it is usually found in the area of southern China, Malaysia, and Vietnam; and now it is being imported to certain countries around the world.

I remember when my friends went for their honey moon in Malaysia,  they got me this fruit as a sweet gesture when they came back they. AT first, I was skeptical, saying that it doesn’t look tasty, or even edible. But then my friend, who ate nothing but lychee for 7 whole days, insisted on to get me to try this fruit. It tasted so sweet, and I still remember how bad I felt after I knew how hard it is to find it here.

Years later I went with my boyfriend to a bar when he told me to skip the cosmopolitan and try the Lychee Martini, I was so happy to find this fruit, I went crazy! Apparently you can find Lychee at bars since it is the main ingredient of Lychee Martini (obviously, huh?)

Back to our cocktail review, the lychee martini contains vodka as the main liquor, and the thing that makes it sweet is the Lychee juice along with the Lychee fruit. You can check the entire recipe through this link, and make sure to use a lot of ice in order to keep it chilled for a longer time.

This is a close up on the typical Lychee martini that I have at my local bar.

Cocktail of the week - lychee martini

Try the Lychee martini tonight and you will know why I’m so obsessed about this cocktail.

Cheers, until next week!