Nail Color of the week – Topless & Barefoot

Nail Color of the week – Topless & Barefoot

Topless & Barefoot from Essie is this week’s nail color , Essie described it as “a barely there soft beige pink”… This nail color became popular ever since when the nude revolution entered the cosmetic industry several years ago; Nude became very popular due to the natural look that it provides.  I remember the first time I saw this nail color, I was at the nails spa and a girl picked it up saying that she has been putting this same color continuously for a whole year. I was very shocked, back then I told her that it’s not even a color, that is when she replied “believe it or not, when you try it on you’ll get used to it and you will be hooked…” and did it hook me up! This nail color will make your hands look extra fresh, with its slight shade of pink; it gives a very clean feeling. This nail color is known as a very peaceful and classy shade, which absolutely goes with any color you would like to wear. As they say, nude is the new black, it is becoming a classic; not only for a nail color, but also for all sorts of makeup and clothing. This nail color is suitable for everyday, all year long, winter and summer. After getting used to it, I now find it very hard to choose pop and dramatic colors; but since I get bored, I always try to change my nail color every week. It is exiting to try new shades and find new obsessions, like my little topless & barefoot.

One more thing, if you like the French manicure, you can do them over this nail color. Since I believe that nude works out perfectly with white.

So go on and give it a try!

Nail color by Essie

Topless & Barefoot – Nail color by Essie