Cocktail of the week – Apple Martini

Cocktail of the week – Apple Martini

Apple Martini

And it’s Friday, again! So it is time for a martini, and this week I will be featuring the Apple Martini also called Appletini. I will be sharing the things I like about this martini as well as it’s main ingredients.

The main alcohol of this martini is Vodka, which intensifies the sweet apple flavors, along with apple juice and it can also contain apple cider or apple brandy; as well as the apple slices for garnish.

I like the color of this drink which is a bit weird, since I’m not used to drinking something green. Let’s not talk about healthy green juices cause I can’t imagine myself drinking that. Next, the apple flavor in this martini makes it taste very fresh, although I am sure that some bars add some sugar to it making it extra sweet and high in calories. So if you were on low sugar diet, make sure to ask the bar tender if this martini contains sugar.

You can also ask the bar tender to add salt around the rim of your glass, this way you can break the sugary flavor of the martini. I do that for several cocktails because I love the salt flavor more than the sweet one; but again this is all about one’s taste. If you want, you can’t also add a few drops of lemon to break the sweetness  as well.

This cocktail takes 3 minutes to prepare, if you want to try it at home check out this recipe. It seems to be a very easy recipe.

Cheers, until next week!