Dining etiquette – Table setting

Dining etiquette – Table setting

When dining out or inviting people over, it is nice to have an idea about various aspects of the dining etiquette, in this post I will be focusing on table setting and usage of the dining utensils.

I remember watching the first season of Gossip Girl, when Serena’s grandmother bullied Dan (Serena’s boyfriend) for eating the main course with the salad fork. Now that’s mean; however, even though while normally eating we do not have a mean granny watching us, we still need to educate ourselves for some protocols that might make our lives easier. For example, through the Table setting you can count the utensils placed in front of you at a cocktail party, by that you can know how many courses you are going to be served. Let’s say you have two knives and forks in front of you and one teaspoon aside, that means that you will have a Salad, a Main-course, and a desert. If you have a big spoon that means that you will have a soup in addition to other courses, or it might as well mean that your main course may be eaten with a spoon.

Why is the table setting knowledge so important? it is definitely not a big deal to wrongly use your utensils; but if you first got a salad and ate it using the biggest knife and fork, the waiter might come and take them away, leaving you with the smaller utensils to use for the main course, which might be a big steak, making it harder on you to enjoy your meal.

You might think that it is fine to ask your waiter for new main course utensils, and that is fine as well; but think about a situation where you are in a business formal meeting, trying hard to look and act your best; this might bring you a bad point.

By scanning through your table setting you will know when to use them correctly, and you will definitely enjoy your formal expensive meal.

Check out this diagram for further detail about the Table setting.

The Formal Place Setting


And here are my favorite table setting ideas that my camera captured recently. I love flowers, expensive utensils, and food; so yeah I photograph table setting ideas.

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