The Benefits of Argan Oil

The Benefits of Argan Oil

Argan oil is produced from the kernels of the argan tree, traditionally made in Morocco and used as an edible ingredient in the Moroccan cuisine. Moroccans have several uses for the Argan oil due to its many advantages; they apply it on their face, body and hair. In fact, it is the secret behind the Moroccans’ long, silky, thick hair; nevertheless, it is also claimed to be an antiaging cosmetic product.

After hearing about this famous oil, I asked my sister to get it for me from the United States, since it is highly available around there. I have been using it for two months now and I can tell the difference.

Hair: I use it as a pre-shower hair mask once per week, where I apply several drops of argan oil on the roots and ends of my hair, leaving it for an hour before shower. This usually nourishes the hair leaving it silky and soft.

I also use it for styling my hair after shower, where I apply only two drops of oil on my hair ends to style it faster, to protect it from the heat of the dryer, and to avoid split ends.

Skin: People are claiming that this oil is beneficial for antiaging, saying goodbye to Botox. That’s why I only apply it on areas with high-wrinkles possibilities, in order to avoid wrinkles. Such as: on the edges of the eyes, on the forehead, around the smile, and on the neck. I think that it might be helpful in rejuvenating the skin which will delay the effects of aging. When my mom heard about its antiaging benefits, she became obsessed; and now she applies a full facial oil mask everyday bringing my bottle of argan to its last drops. Next time I will make sure to order more than one bottle.

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