Weekly ideas – This season’s must haves

Weekly ideas – This season’s must haves

First, Fur collar Jackets: Due to the freezing weather, many girls this season are going for the fur look. And since Khakis are in right now its very smart to invest in a jacket with fur/feather collar. Zara has several designs of such jackets/coats.

Zara jacket

Khaki jacket with fur


Second, the black jeans: I don’t know one single girl who did not purchase those jeans this winter, they’re stylish and they go with absolutely everything. The ones that are ripped on the knees are my favorite, this one is from Oasis.

Oasis Jeans

Black jeans from oasis


Next, chunky boots: they will definitely give you a couple extra centimeters in height and since they’re platform they seem to be extra comfy. this one is from Zara

Zara boots

Chunky heeled boots


Finally, fringes: they’re on everything right now, tops, jackets, shoes, bags… you name it. I chose this thug styled bag from ASOS for this week’s favorite.

Fringed bag

Fringed bag from Asos


To make this look interesting: wear it with a white top and a colorful beanie or scarf.

Keep yourself warm!