Cheese Mania

Cheese Mania

Throwing house parties might sound boring to some people, but if the host/hostess is a fun person then it’s guaranteed to have a good time. To me it is all about the guests’ sense of humor and the coziness of the gathering. I picture my perfect house party to be full with loud laughs, soft music, good wine, and a big plate of cheese.

To be honest, I face my cheese mania every time I go food shopping, where I buy different kinds of cheeses, go to the extreme and try each and every kind of cheese available; since the poor salesman always offers small pieces of cheese for taste and I can’t simply say no to such an opportunity.

I like to have a mixture of flavors inside my cheese plate, such as: Sweet (dried fruits & pairs), sour (oranges and pungent cheese), salty (Tons of chips and nuts), ham, along with several kinds of hard & soft cheese. And most importantly, fresh bread should be served warm so that it helps the cheese to slightly melt before biting into it. Ohh delicious!

Regarding the wine, I’d go for 1 bottle of white wine, 1 red and 1 Rosé; this way the guest can feel free choose according to his/her preferences.

If you’re on a low budget, always increase the amount of chips, nuts, crackers, carrots, and fairly cheap cheese (like Feta); this way your guests will not realize that the amount of the expensive cheeses is too little.

For more information about mastering Cheese & Wine parties checkout this link!


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