Business Glamour

Business Glamour

Business Glamour

Dressing up for a business meeting is very crucial I believe; yes, knowledge and experience are seriously important, but showing up with elegance will definitely bring benefit to your professional career. I like to keep it simple through transforming the old boring suits into a fashionable outfit that can be worn from the morning-coffee-hour till the happy-hour. Simple trousers with a black turtle neck are classics, add to them a colorful necklace and a quality coat to form a tasteful outfit. I believe that this look will give you the confidence to get the best business deals. Remember to add only one dramatic item, which is the necklace in this case, so that you don’t end up looking overcrowded.

1- The Katy Coat from OASIS

2- Ella Sparkle Crop Turtle Neck  from Whistles

3- Dory bow detail floppy hat from Missguided

4- Mixed fabric waist trousers from Zara

5- Selma Large Hair Calf Satchel from Michael Kors

6- Ama Floral Statement Necklace from Missguided

7- Sofia V Front Suedette shoeboot from Boohoo