dining etiquette

dining etiquette

Speaking about Chic, it is very rational to talk about manners and especially table manners. Nothing is ever unflattering more than a person with bad eating habits, even if they are the best-dressed people in the room.

I chose a couple of “Dining Don’ts” from The Little Book Of Etiquette. Also, I found this book to be amazingly useful, and I totally recommend reading it.

1- Don’t overload your plate

2- Don’t put your knife in your mouth, or gesture while holding any utensil

3- Don’t mop your face with a napkin

4- Don’t spread your elbows when cutting the meat. Keep them close to your sides while eating

5- Don’t saw back and forth at your meat with a knife. stroke the knife towards you.

6- Don’t blow on the food that is hot. Wait until it cools.

7- Don’t push your plate away from you when you have finished eating

8- Don’t touch your hair and face while sitting on the dining table


Enjoy dining with chic.